Why Should I Bother?

03 Mar
Why Should I Bother?

When first considering leaving that nice safe Auto Mode, start by thinking about why you want to do this. No doubt, it’s because there are just some times that you can’t take the type of photo you want to take. You line it up, and press the button and the result pretty much sucks. 

The reason for this is simple. The camera simply has no idea what you’re trying to take a photo of, and whenever it’s set to auto, it will just try to guess and give you the best shot it can. Now this is often good enough for quick family snaps, but there are times when it just won’t cut the mustard and you need to really work with the camera to achieve the shot you are looking for.

There are two major things to look for in a camera: the ability to go from Auto Mode to other, more manual, Modes and an eye viewfinder. You need to be able to put that camera right up to your eye and look through to see how you’re framing the image. This isn’t just some blurb, but some really good advice, but we’ll go into that more a little later. But right now, if you have a point and click camera with just a big screen on the back and no opportunity to improve your skills, the time has come… Time right now, to invest in your photographic future, and purchase something with a little more bang for its buck.

So why bother going off auto mode? Well, firstly anything in auto mode gives all the control to the camera… you have no actual input as to what type of image you want to take. So you’re basically saying that you don’t really care what the image is like, and if the lens is pointed in the general direction it will have to do. Secondly, you don’t allow yourself any creativity with a photo when you are asking the camera to choose what settings are best suited to your situation. I don’t think I fully understood that, until I found some amazing images I really wanted to emulate and couldn’t!

So don’t just accept a gadget determining how your images turn out – especially when it isn’t nearly as scary to turn off that Auto Mode as you might expect!




Graduation Image by Harry Keely via SXC
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