Some Macro Inspiration and Equipment

11 Mar

Image by Clicksy from Flickr CC: BY

I just found this incredible article on LightStalking that shows incredibly detailed macro photos taken using a Macro Rig and a house fly. 

This started me wondering exactly what a Macro Rig would contain and what it would look like. Do macro photographers have enormous elaborate setups or compact small items? What are the crucial pieces to have? So I went off searching the Internet to find the answers. Firstly I read a few forums but they were very out of date (2006) and then I discovered a fabulous article by Microscope UK and another from the Up Close and Personal Blog . There are some great images to be viewed at the Pentax forums and the ones at Talk | Photography go on for pages so there is plenty of inspiration out there. What impressed me most was how much of this stuff is duct-taped together using thrown together bits of DIY. You certainly don’t seem to need to spend a fortune on equipment (except the initial lens).

The general gist so far seems to be that the following items are MUST-haves:

  • Tripod – Small or Large
  • Ring Flash or Independent Slave Flashes or Lamp with bracket.
  • Macro Lens on a zoom
  • +10 magnification lens plus other magnification lens for stacking
  • Remote Trigger

Even if you are not a huge macro lover, the items listed really can be used for so many different types of shots – not just macro and really these do form a staple of a photographer’s diet. It’s certainly something to aim for, isn’t it!




Link to Light Stalking article:

Link to Microscopy UK article:

Link to Up Close and Personal Blog:

Link to Pentax Forums:

Link to Talk | Photography:

Image by Clicksy from Flickr – Licensed through Creative Commons: BY

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