The Passion of my Prose

12 Mar
The Passion of my Prose

There’s a reason why I have used other people’s photographs on this blog. I’m not a very good photographer. Yet.

Regardless, I love it. It thrills me and excites me whenever I feel that camera within my hands and maybe in a little while, I’ll be willing to share some of my shots with you… but for now, I want to explain the passion behind my prose.

Photography, to me, is not about who took which photo and which photo is better. It’s all about the creative spark. What we see with our eyes is forever changed when compressed through an eyepiece. I love to experiment with light and use it like a crayon to illuminate a scene. That’s what excites me.

And what I love most about digital photography is that it is all instant. You look at the back of the camera and you know instantly if the photo has turned out how you wanted or if you need to keep working on it. So I am like a sponge. And this blog is like a sponge. I’m just determined to learn all I can about how to make photography work, how to get the best from my camera… and most importantly, how to not be LIMITED by my camera.

Photography, like any worthwhile hobby, can cost you thousands, drive you mad and frustrate the life out of you. For me, it does all these things. But it also invigorates my soul, and lets me explore the world I live in from a completely new angle. I now see the world differently because of my camera. So this is what challenges me and engages me about photography.

What about you? Why do you take photographs?





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