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12 Apr

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. We have all the gear, all the enthusiasm but taking that first step out the door seems impossible. I mean, you want to take great shots, right? So suddenly the ‘right location’ becomes important, or waiting until you have completed a course, or purchased that essential piece of equipment.

The problem with this, is that you will be eternally waiting. And that means, you won’t be shooting. So I’ve gathered together a few of my favourite articles and rules that I use as my major Hints, Tips or Motivation to get out there and get photographing.

Fix the Shots You Already Have – In this article on Post Production, Camera House explain the basic things to look for when trying to make your shots look incredible. Post production is just as necessary in the digital world of photography as it was when we had analogue cameras. While this article doesn’t go into detail of the steps needed to achieve these effects, sometimes I just need to see the images looking good to feel inspired and motivated to take more shots!

Take a Photograph Right Now – Seriously, it can be hard to imagine taking photos right now. I’m in my house, there’s nothing decent to shoot. Right? Wrong! Read this fantastic Lightstalking article about your kitchen drawer and you will look at items in your house differently – creatively – and feel inspired to see if you can achieve the same drama from a few utensils.

Get Tactile – There’s nothing like the feel of 35mm film in your hands. You hold it up to the light and squint, trying to recall when that old photo was taken and how different it would be now you have digital. Sometimes inspiration needs a boost because everything we do these days is all in digital form. Email vs Snail Mail, Digital Cameras vs 35mm Film, Photoshop vs Artistic Creations. It can often improve your viewpoint by getting back to basics and creating something tactile that can be held in your fingers, and ignite your passions. I found this clever Poopscape article about creating a lamp that showcases old film and find that already I’m just itching to take more photographs!

Refresh the Composition – I found a fab article by PictureCorrect that gives some very handy hints and tips for composition and how to create dynamic, exciting images simply by changing your stance. While the article won’t make you want to grab your camera and run outside to experiment, it will sit in the back of your mind and ruminate… something that is fantastic for inspiration!

Find a Muse – I love this Pentax Body article for giving me reason to walk again, with a friend. Just a casual stroll down any street. And see if I can fulfill the criteria laid out in this article. Sometimes you just need a push in a general direction to feel the motivation and inspiration bubbling up. If the article doesn’t do it, and you’re mobile, then get yourself an app. There are plenty to choose from*, but have a look at Photographers Muse, Camera+ or read up on the top 100 apps for Photography.

No matter what works for you, the key is to stay motivated, stay inspired, and keep shooting! Post your pictures in the comments section!

* Please note that apps available differ from one store to another. Eg, the US apple store has a different range of apps available compared to the UK and Australian versions. Some apps may charge fees.
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