Golden Crop for Photoshop

16 Apr
No doubt you’ve heard of the Rule of Thirds, but cropping your images to match this ideal can sometimes be problematic because of limitations inside Photoshop. I think I’ve found the solution!

(via Golden Crop)

What is the Golden Crop script?

Golden Crop script designed as an aid for cropping images according to the division rules. The script generates visual guidelines for the Rule of Thirds, Golden Rule both Diagonal Golden Rules and four Golden Spirals. Some people think, that aligning vital elements with this guidelines creates special visual impact, making the image more interesting. You can see this guidelines on a picture below:

Golden Spirals


Who can use it?

Anyone who wants… and have Adobe® Photoshop® CS2, CS3, CS4 or CS5 installed. This script should work both on Windows and Mac version of the software. Adobe® Photoshop® versions earlier than CS2 will not be supported due to lack of scripting possibilities.

Is it free?

Yes, it is! Free as in beer and free as in speech 🙂 This software uses GNU General Public License. But if you run a business or just like the script consider making a donation.

How to run/install/uninstall the Golden Crop script?

Visit the download page to grab the script via Golden Crop for Photoshop – FAQ. It’s worth a look!

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