Understanding Flash Photography

22 Apr
Caroline lighting setup

Image by Serge Van Cauwenbergh via Flickr

Although this video contains an advertisement for a specific brand, I’ve included it here because it describes and explains how our shutter and flashes work together in a very succinct way. These two factors really emphasise how limited your camera is when using flash, and some tricks to overcome it. I’m sure you’ll find something of interest to you in this video 🙂

So did you learn anything? I did!


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One response to “Understanding Flash Photography

  1. kceezie

    May 5, 2011 at 7:45 am

    This book was awesome…I believe the author took the criticism of his other books and updated the book based on them…When researching to buy this book I looked at the reviews of the other editions and some of the comments were “I wish he would put what type of lens he uses or exposure he used in the photos.” Well, he does that in this edition. Another person said that they wished he would put photos to show what he means and he puts two photos (sometimes 3) of first the auto or what beginning photographers would do and then show an example of the same picture with the exposure changed based on what he is trying to teach you (did that make any sense?!?). How about a before and after type of photos (maybe that makes more sense). His style of writing is not textbook style. I think he tries to make it fun and entertaining and that sometimes makes people think he is condescending to the reader, but I don’t think that is his intention and I enjoy that sense I’m definitely not trying to read textbook style reading (I did enough of that in college).
    I say this is for beginning photographers and not for intermediate or professional because I believe he is very brief and dumbs down what he is trying to teach to relate to those of us who know absolutely nothing about cameras or the intricate of how cameras work. He will use things like “The Sky Brothers” or “Mr. Green Jeans,” which will feel like kid stuff for a pro or semi-pro person, but for me the beginner a welcomed help. After reading this book I feel like I can go out and take photos on manual and not be intimidated about getting the wrong exposure.

    I included the link to his previous edition because that has more reviews than this edition (as of this review) and I believe the author revised a lot of the gripe the “One Star people” are talking about. Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera (Updated Edition)

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