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Macro photography tips with example photographs and images

Macro photography tips with example photographs and images

by Tanya Puntti

Macro photography tips, images and photographs

Shown below is a set of 10 amazing macro photographs. Each photograph includes an explanation of the camera equipment that was used and tips on how it was taken. While many of the images have been taken with a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens, the settings can be reproduced with any real macro lens. You’ll aslo notice they were photographed with an entry level DLSR camera from quite a few years back now! My point being, anyone with a DSLR camera can shoot awesome macro photographs.Click on each image to see a larger version of the photograph.

1. Hoverfly in flightmacro example of a hoverfly insect in flight

Photograph of a hoverfly in flight was taken with a Canon 400D SLR entry level camera, a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens and a Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX flash.

Exposure shutter speed: 0.005 sec 1/200
Aperture: f/11
Focal Length: 100 mm
ISO Speed: 200
Exposure Program: Manual
Metering Mode: Pattern

Macro photography tip #1: If possible, use a ring flash or twin lite flash when shooting macro. It will allow you to shoot at a reasonable speed, yet enable you to keep the aperture on a high f/11 for sufficient depth of field. Of course, I understand it isn’t always possible for fellow DSLR photographers to purchase such equipment. No problem, keep reading for other tips.

via Macro photography tips with example photographs and images.

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Macro: 7 Tips for Photographing Insects

Courtesy of Lightstalking, here is a great article about taking supermacro photos of insects.

Light Stalking » Macro: 7 Tips for Photographing Insects.

It’s worth a look!

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Some Macro Inspiration and Equipment

Image by Clicksy from Flickr CC: BY

I just found this incredible article on LightStalking that shows incredibly detailed macro photos taken using a Macro Rig and a house fly. 

This started me wondering exactly what a Macro Rig would contain and what it would look like. Do macro photographers have enormous elaborate setups or compact small items? What are the crucial pieces to have? So I went off searching the Internet to find the answers. Firstly I read a few forums but they were very out of date (2006) and then I discovered a fabulous article by Microscope UK and another from the Up Close and Personal Blog . There are some great images to be viewed at the Pentax forums and the ones at Talk | Photography go on for pages so there is plenty of inspiration out there. What impressed me most was how much of this stuff is duct-taped together using thrown together bits of DIY. You certainly don’t seem to need to spend a fortune on equipment (except the initial lens).

The general gist so far seems to be that the following items are MUST-haves:

  • Tripod – Small or Large
  • Ring Flash or Independent Slave Flashes or Lamp with bracket.
  • Macro Lens on a zoom
  • +10 magnification lens plus other magnification lens for stacking
  • Remote Trigger

Even if you are not a huge macro lover, the items listed really can be used for so many different types of shots – not just macro and really these do form a staple of a photographer’s diet. It’s certainly something to aim for, isn’t it!




Link to Light Stalking article:

Link to Microscopy UK article:

Link to Up Close and Personal Blog:

Link to Pentax Forums:

Link to Talk | Photography:

Image by Clicksy from Flickr – Licensed through Creative Commons: BY

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